Brass Oak Driving Society

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​May 11 to June 19 - Six Week Cones Challenge, Overlook Driving Center, Paso Robles

July 1 - Derby and Dressage -  Arroyo Grande

July 7 and 8 - Harry Councell Clinic - Arroyo Grande

​August 12 - Buddy Buggy Day - Arroyo Grande

HDT at Clay Station, Wilton, California

April 18-19, 2015

As a driving club we host and participate in a variety of events and activities during the year. We all enjoy pleasure drives, competitions, clinics and having fun. Please join us at one of our upcoming events.



Carriage driving on Californa's Central Coast


April 6-8 - AMA mule show, Reedley Collage

April 13-15 - Supper Clinic, Claystation

April 26-28 - Mule Show at Verde View Farm, Sanger

April 28, 29 - HDT, Claystation

May 11-13 - Sargent Equestrian CDE, Sargent's Equestrian Center

June 2-3 - Pleasure Days Carriage Driving Show, Whiprsnappers, Sylmar

June 15-17 - Summer Festival CDE, Claystation

August 4-5 - HDT, Claystation

Oct 4-7 - California Fall Classic CDE, Claystation

October 27-28 - HDT, Claystation